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Final meeting in Trondheim

posted 28 Apr 2015, 04:36 by Margherita Forcolin

The final meeting of LOGINN was hosted by SINTEF in Trondheim the 27-28 April.

ECITL2014 in Dortmund and LOGINN General Meeting

posted 6 Oct 2014, 06:31 by Margot Forcolin   [ updated 7 Oct 2014, 04:09 ]

The 7th ECITL Conference will be held from the 5th – 7th November, 2014 in Dortmund.

ECITL gathers together  experts from industry and research to  discuss hot future topics in transport logistics and supply chain. This year, the conference will focus on how ICT drives transport logistics innovation and cooperation. 

LOGINN is promoting two sessions:
  • Transport Logistics & Supply Chain Inventions and Innovations (November 6th - 14.30 Parallel A)
  • From good ideas to good products and services: ways of exploitation and commercialisation of R&D results (November 6th - 14.30 Parallel B) 
for more info, programme and registration click here 

LOGINN General Meeting will start on the 4th and finish on the 5th, just before the scientific day of ECITL.

LOGINN attended the 1st general assembly of ALICE

posted 7 May 2014, 04:44 by Margot Forcolin   [ updated 7 May 2014, 04:44 ]

The first General assembly of ALICE has been held in Paris o the 17th of April.
The general goals and working Groups of European Technology Platform ALICE were presented.
Attendees on LOGINN side were ·               
  • Baalsrud Hauge Jannicke (WG1 Sustainable, safe and secure supply chain)
  • Nils Meyer-Larsen (WG2 Corridors hubs and synchromodality)
  • Margherita Forcolin ( WG3 Information System for interconnected logistics)
  • Jens Schumacher (WG4 Supply chain coordination and collaboration)
Next 26-27 of May WG3 will meet again in Hamburg.

Logistics Innovation in Europe

posted 2 Apr 2014, 01:38 by Margot Forcolin   [ updated 2 Apr 2014, 01:49 ]

LOGINN participate to the internation congress LOGISTICS INNOVATION IN EUROPE. 
The congress,  organised by DINALOG and the SoCool@EU, took place at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam on the 1st of April 2014.
The program, that can be downloaded here, offered a series of interesting insights on the challenges logistics is facing today.

Accordingly with Prof. Dr. Alan C. McKinnon, Head of Logistics and Dean of Programs at the Kühne Logistics University, the three main issues are 
  • Since the big players are already involved in research and innovation the challenge is now to involve small players like SMEs. 
  • Research results are still too academic not addressing the day-to-day issues, the challenge is now to put more effort in applied research.
  • Collaboration is the key, adding the EU dimension is essential
and those are actually the challenges that LOGINN is trying to address.

General meeting in Leiden (NL)

posted 31 Mar 2014, 03:06 by Margot Forcolin

The next General meeting, hosted bby the new coordinator (CeTIM), will be held in Leiden (NL) on the 23-24 of January 2014.

The meeting will give us the opportunity to discuss the projects findings  addressing innovation uptake  in the three dimensions (Logistics practices, business models and technologies) and put the basis for the Action plan.

1st investors forum in ECITL

posted 31 Mar 2014, 03:05 by Margot Forcolin

LOGINN proudly organised the first invesotrs forum at ECITL 2013 that took place in Zaragoza from 23-26 of October. Results from a selection of recently ended or on-going projects were presented to a group of investors. 


posted 31 Mar 2014, 03:04 by Margot Forcolin

Jens Schumacher represented LOGINN at the first meeting of the ALICE WG4 of Supply Chain Coordination and Collaboration, that took place in Zaragoza on the 22nd of October 2013.

The main objective of the meeting were to exchange current efforts in this area analizing projects (like CO3 and MODULUSHCA) best practices (BESTFACT) and Join Action Plans in EU regions (SoCool@EU, INTRAREGIO and LOG4GREEN) to identify and define research and innovation challenges to achieve Logistic efficiencies by removing barriers through new concepts and approaches,  for closer Vertical and Horizontal Collaboration among different supply chain owners in Europe. 
Possible areas of interventions will be:

  • Business models
  • Logistic Technologies and tools to identify collaboration opportunities and maximization of the
  • use of resources.
  • Information Management (Data matching, Standards, Security, Protection of Confidentiality
    rights etc.)
  • Legal Framework development
  • Methodologies
  • Best practices dissemination. 

A poster representing LOGINN objectives and actions has been presented 

Workshop on "Innovation in Logistics" at TL Munich: check out the article on the LogisticsArena

posted 31 Mar 2014, 03:02 by Margot Forcolin

The reflections, debates and conclusions of the LOGINN workshop and roundtable at the Transport Logistics fair in Munich. 

It's all in "Collaborate and stay competitive", by Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge, on the LogisticsArena.

Presentations from the "Innovation in logistics" workshop at the TL Munich fair

posted 31 Mar 2014, 03:01 by Margot Forcolin   [ updated 31 Mar 2014, 03:01 ]

The presentations held during the LOGINN Workshop on "Innovation in logistics" at the last Transport Logistics Munich fair are now publicly available!

You can find them in the public documents\presentations section!

LOGINN 1st Newsletter

posted 31 Mar 2014, 02:59 by Margot Forcolin

LOGINN 1st Newsletter is out! 

In this issue, you will find:

You can read the Newsletter online and download it in a printable pdf format. 

Enjoy your reading!

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