The project

The main objective of LOGINN is to create a platform to stimulate discussion and consensus-building amongst main public stakeholders, market players and researchers in the intermodal and freight logistics domain in order to facilitate and accelerate the commercial uptake of logistics innovation, by turning knowledge and research into investment in innovation. Logistics innovation, within the scope of this project, encompasses innovative business models within the supply chain, innovative logistics practices, and innovative technologies.

The coordination action will address the following issues:

  • raising the profile and understanding of intermodal and freight logistics innovation
  • identifying policies, regulatory measures, financial mechanisms and socio-economic aspects that are required in support of accelerating the development and diffusion of logistics innovation
  • encouraging greater involvement in and acceptance of innovations in the public as well as private sector.

In order to meet its objective, the project, through the use of a discussion and consensus-building platform realized at its very early stages, will provide insight and consensus on the following issues:

  • what is the current state & expected developments on intermodal freight transport & logistics research and innovation?
  • which are the observed drivers and barriers?
  • how can these be overcome?
  • how can investments be attracted in accelerating logistics innovation?

In LOGINN, the impact creation is a responsibility of the whole consortium and an integral part of the project. In order to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of these activities, numerous actions have been defined. Specifically, a mechanism has been set up for extending the group of contributors to the project activities in a simple, but efficient way, in order to achieve a wide audience in the logistics community, reflecting the possibility and interest of potential followers to LOGINN, based on the establishment of the Associated Partners Group (APG). We kindly invite you to join the APG!

The members of the APG are stakeholders from the whole supply chain, including logistics service providers, shippers, ICT service providers, authorities as well as research institutions and investors. Reaching a critical mass of audience and participants covering all the sectors of the supply chain is one of the key objectives LOGINN wants to target through the APG, since it will allow to:

  • start discussions of common interest for the logistic community and keep them alive and selfsustained by the community
  • spread the knowledge about the innovation in technology, logistics processes and business models, particularly that developed in European research projects, and collect viewpoints, requirements and experiences in creating and adopting the innovation
  • impact on a wide community, creating synergies and supporting the innovation uptake in the logistics sector.
Margot Forcolin,
28 Mar 2014, 04:27